Why Eye Exams Are Critical For People With Diabetes


Regular eye exams are recommended for everyone. However, these exams become even more important for people with diabetes. People who have been diagnosed with diabetes should schedule an eye exam at least once a year. Here is some further information about diabetes and eye exams. Why People With Diabetes Should Get Regular Eye Exams Diabetes can wreak havoc on various areas of your body, even your eyes. One of the most common eye conditions that people with diabetes experience is diabetic retinopathy.

21 September 2021

3 Kinds of Cosmetic Eye Surgeries


Many people undergo various types of eye surgeries to help correct a problem with their vision or improve eye health. Some people undergo eye surgeries to improve their appearance. Most eye surgeries, including cosmetic ones, fall under a branch of medicine called ophthalmology. Because of this, ophthalmologists who have training and experience in plastic surgery, perform cosmetic eye surgeries. Here are three kinds of cosmetic eye surgeries. 1. Blepharoplasty As you age, your eyelids may begin to sag.

11 May 2021