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When my sister was in elementary school, she started always sitting in the front row of desks at school. One of her teachers noticed this habit and arranged a meeting with my parents. This caring teacher told my parents that she thought my sister needed glasses. When my sister visited an optometrist, this professional diagnosed her with a severe case of astigmatism. He also informed my parents that she was nearsighted as well. Due to her eye issues, my sister had to start wearing glasses all of the time. Her new glasses helped her tremendously in school. She no longer had to sit in the front of the classroom in order to view the notes placed on the board. On this blog, you will discover the importance of getting your kids’ eyes checked by an optometrist before enrolling them in school.

3 Tips To Help You Avoid Eye Cataracts


As you age, changes happen to your body and you may experience eye problems. One common problem is a cataract, which occurs when part of your lens becomes cloudy in certain areas, interfering with your vision. However, cataracts are not inevitable; here are some things you can do to avoid cataracts in your eyes.

Eat an Eye-Healthy Diet

While you may already know that you're supposed to be eating lean meats, grains, vegetables and fruits, you may not know that certain foods are better than others for good eye health. Green vegetables such as spinach and kale, for instance, contain zeaxanthin and lutein, two substances that are instrumental in keeping eye cells healthy.  

Citrus fruits and strawberries contain high levels of vitamin C, which is known for its antioxidant properties and may protect your eyes from free radicals. In fact, one study found that, in women who had been ingesting vitamin C for a decade, the vitamin gave them a 64% lower chance of developing a certain kind of cataract.

Carrots and other foods with vitamin A are also good because that vitamin acts as an antioxidant as well.

Stop Smoking

If you're still one of millions of people who smoke, you may be causing your eyes a number of problems, including cataracts. Smokers have twice the chance of developing cataracts in their lifetime, and raise that risk the more they smoke.

To avoid that risk, get serious about quitting this habit. Consider joining a support group where you can get ideas about what quitting methods may work for you.

Avoid Alcohol

You may not know this, but beer, whiskey, gin and other alcoholic beverages may very well be linked to cataracts. More than two drinks per day seems to increase the chance that you may eventually have cataract surgery.

Knowing this information, make every effort to be sensible about your drinking habits. Avoid binge drinking and consuming too much alcohol in one sitting. If you think you may have an alcohol problem or addiction, consult your doctor about what your next move might be, so that your health can improve and you can stop putting your eyes at risk.

Use the tips above to help protect your eyes and avoid cataracts. If you start to have some signs of cataracts, such as a constant glare or blurry vision, see an optometrist, such as those at Alta View Eye Care Center. You may be eligible for cataract surgery so that you can see fully again. 


16 July 2015