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When my sister was in elementary school, she started always sitting in the front row of desks at school. One of her teachers noticed this habit and arranged a meeting with my parents. This caring teacher told my parents that she thought my sister needed glasses. When my sister visited an optometrist, this professional diagnosed her with a severe case of astigmatism. He also informed my parents that she was nearsighted as well. Due to her eye issues, my sister had to start wearing glasses all of the time. Her new glasses helped her tremendously in school. She no longer had to sit in the front of the classroom in order to view the notes placed on the board. On this blog, you will discover the importance of getting your kids’ eyes checked by an optometrist before enrolling them in school.

Eye Strain: Opting For Contact Lenses For Astigmatism


Is the constant strain on your eyes beginning to stress you out? If you avoid making an eye doctor appointment because you don't intend on wearing glasses, your eye problem can get worse. Discover below the ease of getting your vision problem properly diagnosed so you can get a prescription for contact lenses and not have to wear eyeglasses.

What Is Involved with a Vision Examination?

The eye examination for contact lenses will be completely comfortable for you because there is no pain involved, and your eyes will basically be diagnosed for what is called astigmatism. The condition leads to poor vision due to the way that the corneas in your eyes are shaped. An irregularly curved cornea can cause vision problems because light doesn't properly make contact with the retina. Astigmatism can affect both of your eyes or can only be present in one of them. Diagnosing the irregularly shaped corneas is done by the optometrist looking at them while shining a light in your eyes.

Another easy part of the examination is taking a visual acuity test. Basically, you will have to read out alphabets or numbers that are strategically arranged on a chart. Just make sure no eye strain is done during the test because it can lead to an inaccurate diagnose by the optometrist. He or she uses the chart to see how well you are able to see from a distance.

What Happens After the Vision Test?

After your vision test and astigmatism is diagnosed, the optometrist will find out the size of contact lenses you need. You will have to take a corneal topography test for the measurement of your corneas to be taken. The test can be done digitally through a computer or manually with a keratometer device. Some optometrists opt for doing both methods of the exam because it can better confirm what size your contacts should be. The results of the measurement will then allow the optometrist to give you a prescription for contact lenses that you can take to the vendor of your choice.

There are various types of contact lenses for you to choose from, such as colors and the length of time that they can be worn. If you want contact lenses that can be worn every day and tossed out, expect to pay at least $70 and up for a box of them that lasts for 90 days. You can get contact lenses that can be used for a year if you pay an estimate of $150 or more. Get diagnosed and treated for astigmatism so you can stop straining your eyes so much!

For more information and details, talk with optometrists and representatives of eye clinics, such as Eye Clinic Of Fairbanks.


15 December 2015