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When my sister was in elementary school, she started always sitting in the front row of desks at school. One of her teachers noticed this habit and arranged a meeting with my parents. This caring teacher told my parents that she thought my sister needed glasses. When my sister visited an optometrist, this professional diagnosed her with a severe case of astigmatism. He also informed my parents that she was nearsighted as well. Due to her eye issues, my sister had to start wearing glasses all of the time. Her new glasses helped her tremendously in school. She no longer had to sit in the front of the classroom in order to view the notes placed on the board. On this blog, you will discover the importance of getting your kids’ eyes checked by an optometrist before enrolling them in school.

Two Simple Hacks To Keep Your Eyeglasses From Slipping


One of the challenges of wearing glasses is keeping them from slipping down your face during the day. Purchasing well-fitting glasses with nose pads and having them adjusted to fit your face can often eliminate this problem. However, not everyone has noses that can support nose pads and not all glasses can be customized. Here are two quick hacks you can use to help keep your glasses in place.

The Hair Band Trick

One easy way to ensure glasses stay in place is to wrap hair bands on the ends of your frame's arms (the part that rests behind your ears). This accomplishes two things: the hair bands let the arms grip the head and ears more firmly and they force the glasses to fit tighter in general, both of which can prevent the glasses from slipping. As an added bonus, hair ties come in a variety of colors, so you can get some that match your frames so that it blends in, or you can express your personal style by using different colors.

Most people have hair bands on hand. However, you can use any similar product, such as rubber bands. Just be careful with your choice, though, because some of these elastic bands can get caught in your hair and cause breakage.

The Antiperspirant Trick

One common reason glasses slip down the face is due to perspiration. Even if you don't sweat very much, the area under your nose pads can get very moist due to their constant contact with the skin. Another thing you can do to prevent your glasses from slipping is to dab a little antiperspirant to the nose pads or bridge. This will help minimize sweating in that area so your glasses stay on your face.

Make sure the product you're using says antiperspirant and not deodorant. Deodorant only kills bacteria that causes odor. It doesn't do anything about sweating. Alternatively, there are products designed for use on nose pads and bridges to prevent slipping. You can usually find them either online or at a major retailer. However, if you're short on cash or need something quick, dabbing a bit of your antiperspirant can do the trick.

Unless you're cosplaying as an anime character at a comic convention, having glasses that constantly slip down your face can be annoying and distracting. You can eliminate much of this issue by purchasing high quality glasses that fit your face. Contact an optometrist or optician at a clinic like Envision Eyecare for more tips on preventing glasses from slipping or assistance with choosing the right ones.


10 May 2016