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When my sister was in elementary school, she started always sitting in the front row of desks at school. One of her teachers noticed this habit and arranged a meeting with my parents. This caring teacher told my parents that she thought my sister needed glasses. When my sister visited an optometrist, this professional diagnosed her with a severe case of astigmatism. He also informed my parents that she was nearsighted as well. Due to her eye issues, my sister had to start wearing glasses all of the time. Her new glasses helped her tremendously in school. She no longer had to sit in the front of the classroom in order to view the notes placed on the board. On this blog, you will discover the importance of getting your kids’ eyes checked by an optometrist before enrolling them in school.

Eye Exams — Great Ways To Ensure Accurate And Meaningful Results


Eye exams are necessary for those who experience vision problems, including blurry vision and elevated eye pressure. If you have one coming up in the next week, here are some things you can do to ensure your results are accurate and meaningful. 

Rest Your Eyes Before the Exam 

When you go in for a formal eye exam, you don't want your eyes already strained because if they were, you wouldn't get accurate results. That's because if there are any letters or numbers you can't see, it may be due to eye strain and not an actual vision problem.

That's why you should come to your appointment with a pair of rested eyes. Leading up to the exam, don't do anything strenuous with your eyes, such as reading small text on your phone or tablet. 

Describe Symptoms You've Experienced Lately 

For an eye doctor to properly diagnose your vision problems, they need to understand every symptom you've experienced as of late. Before the eye exam, write down these symptoms to ensure you remember everything of significance.

Your symptoms could include blurry vision, sensitivity to light, and elevated pressure. Think back on vision-related issues you've struggled with and then include them in the intake form you'll fill out when you first show up to your appointment. Your eye doctor can look at these symptoms and have more context to make a proper diagnosis. 

Bring Existing Eyewear to the Appointment 

If you have corrective eyewear to help you see clearly, such as contacts or eyeglasses, bring them to the eye exam. Your eye doctor can use the existing eyewear to establish a baseline and determine what adjustments are necessary after your eye exam results come in. 

Just Do Your Best 

It's easy to get frustrated if your vision has degraded so much that you now have difficulty seeing many letters and numbers shown during your eye exam. Don't get defeated. 

Take a break if you must but ultimately, just do your best. If you make an honest attempt to read everything during the exam, you improve the accuracy of your results, and then you'll be one step closer to fixing the eye-related issue giving you so much trouble. 

If you need an eye exam for a vision problem, be sure to handle it correctly so that in the end, you have meaningful insights that guide you to an appropriate and sustainable treatment you can have faith in.  

For more info about eye exams, contact a local company. 


19 July 2023