What Are The Three Methods To Treat Glaucoma?


If you've been diagnosed with glaucoma, or fear you might have the condition, then it is helpful to understand the treatments. Glaucoma will often lead to blindness. This is because the condition causes an increase in fluid pressure in the eye. This damages the nerve endings. In fact, glaucoma is one of the main causes of blindness in the United States.  The condition cannot be cured, only treated. Here are the main methods used to treat the problem.

28 April 2015

3 Treatments For Children With Strabismus


The eyes are supposed to work as a team and focus on the same object at the same time, but sometimes, kids aren't able to do this. Only one of their eyes will focus on the object they want to look at, while the other eye will point in a completely different direction. Optometrists call this condition strabismus, but you might know it as crossed eyes. Here are three ways that it can be treated.

24 April 2015

Common Questions About Eye Issues Answered


Taking care of your eyes is a task that you may have a habit of neglecting. While there are numerous issues that your eyes can experience, many of these problems can be diagnosed and treated before they become too severe by making sure that you undergo your routine eye examine. Yet, this is an area personal care that many people do not fully understand. By learning more about eye exams, you will be able to better understand the valuable services that eye doctors provide, as well as what to expect during your next eye examination.

20 April 2015

New Technologies For Minimizing Potential Eye Damage During Cataract Surgery


Traditionally, the only way to help solve cataracts involved a high amount of risk. These days, however, there are more advanced technologies that can make the process more precise and with less chance of something going wrong. Here are a few examples of advanced cataract surgeries that can help you if you have problems with cataracts and want as little chance of side effect damage as possible. Ultrasound A cataract refers to what happens when the lens part of your eye becomes clouded.

14 April 2015

What Should You Know About Wearing Contact Lenses During Pregnancy?


Pregnancy is a time of great change -- and if this is your first pregnancy, many of these changes can be very unexpected. During the first trimester, you may notice that your normal food smells or tastes odd, or find yourself clumsily tripping on carpet or missing a step while walking down stairs. Your eyesight is not exempt from this sensory onslaught, and you may begin to feel that you can no longer see clearly with corrective contact lenses, or even have a contact randomly pop out while walking.

10 April 2015